Sea to Sky Mental Health Partnership hosts a free seminar/webinar, October 20th 11:45a.m. to 1:15pm for Healthy Workplace Month

October is Healthy Workplace Month in Canada.  Sea to Sky Mental Health Partnership is hosting a workshop in Squamish, that Pemberton/Whistler residents can join via webinar, on October 20: 

Healthy Workplaces in Sea to Sky:  Improving Bottom Line Results and Employee Psychological Well-Being.

Date: Thursday, October 20, 11:45a.m.-1:15p.m. (Bring your lunch)

Environmental stressors, financial barriers, substance use, living arrangements, traumatic experiences, and social isolation, can magnify an underlying illness that may not have been diagnosed. Workplaces that are proactive can provide a vital link to professional help.

Please pre-register by October 16 via


The Issue – Did You Know?

  • On any given week, more than 500,000 Canadians will not go to work because of mental illness
  • More than 30% of disability claims and 70% of disability costs are attributed to mental illness.
  • Approximately $51 billion each year are lost to the Canadian economy because of mental illness.

Mental health in the workplace is an issue that impacts all workplaces and can no longer be ignored. Keeping the workforce healthy and productive is simply smart business and good for the bottom line (Source: Mental Health Commission of Canada Website)

Please join us for this free interactive dialogue as we explore challenges and share solutions relevant to our communities and its workforce.

All registrations for this FREE workshop can be completed on line using the link:

For more information:


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