What we don’t necessarily think about when we talk about logging… Amie LeBlanc gives a clearer picture


What do you think of when someone mentions “logging”? When I was growing up in Pemberton, I often heard very strong opinions about the industry; some said it was unnecessary and harmful, while others that it put food on their tables.


I’ve seen peoples’ faces morph into opposition when I mention that I come from a logging family. I’ve also seen delighted smiles when another sees a giant excavator in real life for the first time. I’m fascinated by the controversy and want so badly to share my experience of the industry myself. 


For me, the logging industry is frosty mornings before the sun rises. It’s the quiet of the forest, the smell of pine needles and raw timber.


It’s the homemade tomato sandwiches, granola bars and juice chilled in a stream. There’s no clock on the wall to stare at, or desk chair to lean in.


It’s grease, and mud, and people that work damn hard to do a good job. There’s trust, responsibility, dedication and compassion. It’s not just big, scary machines – it’s the people: the crew. It’s someone leaving for work before the sun rises, returning home after it’s set, and having dinner with his family while still in his long johns. 


Logging, to me, is very much home. I’ve been adding to my collection of logging imagery for several years, and hope this post has given you a taste of a greater project still to come!


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