The week Carlee got her instagram on

I asked Carlee Cindric to takeover our instagram account because she manages to always have her hands full (twin girls, for starters), but to behave with real grace and positivity. She’s an event organizer – and she’s the whirlwind of good vibes behind Winterfest. She took on the Slow Food Cycle this year. I can’t even keep up. Here’s her recap of a week turning the spotlight on her own personal wellness. Over to Carlee.

Being handed the Wellness Almanac Instragram reins for a week was initially quite daunting…what should I post?

Will my posts be cool enough, artsy enough, interesting enough?

So there was already a bit of (self inflicted) pressure to live up to an expectation I had in my head.

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Pre-lunch walk discovery. #carleesweek #hiddentreasure

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But then I scrolled through the amazing photos that previous guest-a-grammers had posted and I felt inspired and ready take this on…

Challenge accepted!

After the first couple of days I started to settle in to the daily routine of keeping my eyes open for moments in time that captured my life and that offered a glimpse of my day to day routine.

There were moments of ‘Arghh, I haven’t posted yet, what should I post’?!?! and at other times I felt a bit like a celebrity might…hey this is my life, isn’t it great?!

It was a fun week and I was sad to hand back the reins but felt grateful for the opportunity to show a bit of my world – from the mundane to the awesome.

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Adventurers! #carleesweek #pembylove

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I’ve looked back on my posts and they do reflect my life…and I’m proud!

I’ve also received a few kind words from other guest-a-grammers and friends.

So, thank you for inviting me as a guest-a-grammer and thank you for following ‘a day in the life’ of me. It was a much appreciated experience all around!

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