Instagram Project welcomes our 18th takeover

Getting to know your neighbours, they say, is one of the most basic and powerful ways to build community resilience – in the event of emergency or crisis. It’s hard to do, though, especially if you’re shy and not much of a muffin-baker. I mean, what is the protocol? Do you just rock up with cookies and say hi?

When we started the Wellness Almanac blog, the idea was to create a kind of virtual gathering place, a way to get to know a bit about each other, so the ice was broken, so we’d realize we have some common talking points.

The instagram takeover was just another way of doing that. But it’s exceeded my personal expectations. We’re welcoming our 18th guest this week… and with every single takeover, I’m discovering people I love, discovering that people I already liked and thought of as friends are even more interesting than I’d known.

Here’s Carlee.

And here’s her debut post as our guestagrammer:

And here’s what a Monday morning looks like in her world:

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