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We’re on instagram, as @thewellnessalmanac.

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Starting in January 2016, we invite local guestagrammers to take over the account, and share a week in their lives –  an approach of passing the lens back and forth that I hope will deepen our sense of appreciation and connectedness with the people living amongst us and around us.

Thanks to Gary Martin, who got us started way back in 2013. And thanks to Amie Le Blanc who was willing to step up in 2016, as our first official guestagrammer. Through the takeover experiment, our community of followers has tripled, and we’ve taken some amazing journeys through the neighbourhood.

  1. Amie Le Blanc, @amieleblanc
  2. Victoria Saddleman, @vsaddleman15
  3. Kalmia Hockin, @kalmiacedar
  4. Marilyn Marinus
  5. Shayla Wallace, @shay_law
  6. Amanda Williams, @lilmandyfromyoutube
  7. Blair Kaplan, @blairfromblairland
  8. Meghan Barton, @megmb7
  9. Jenna Dashney’s chickens, @minipoopers
  10. Paul Cumin, @paulcumin
  11. Mayor Mike Richman, @coachmike
  12. Holly Joseph, @joseph_holly
  13. Lindsay Craig, @linsaroo
  14. Kamana Bikadi, @kamanabikadi
  15. Michelle Beks, @michellebeks
  16. Ed Witwicki, @ebwitwicki
  17. Georgina Dan, @thatgirlgeorgie
  18. Carlee Cindric, @pocketfulproductions
  19. Lil’wat Nation Land & Resources Department
  20. Nic MacPhee, @nicnoudle
  21. Zola Abraham, @zola_abraham
  22. Vicki Powell
  23. Zoé Martin, @zoemartin72
  24. Lindy Scott, @lindyascott
  25. Paul Charron
  26. Franny Moody
  27. Anna Lengstrand
  28. Rosanna Jim
  29. Natalie McNamaraJanuary 30 2017
  30. Pemberton Secondary School, with Krista Brynjolfson and Karen Tomlinson
  31. Janet Ouchterlony
  32. Frances Dickinson, Boomerang Bags Pemberton
  33. Child and Youth Mental Health & Substance Use (CYMH-SU) Pemberton Local Action Team
  34. Graham Turner, @30cmrule
  35. Jaya Guibert
  36. Casey Gabriel, take 1
  37. Stu Armstrong
  38. Riva FisherApril 16 2017
  39. Tanya Richman for Mental Health Week
  40. Rachael Low for Emergency Preparedness Week
  41. Casey Gabriel, take 2!
  42. Corrine Stoltz-Orava for the Pemberton Backcountry – Horsemen
  43. Kiran Pal-Pross and Blair Kaplan for the Pemberton Refugee Resettlement Group
  44. Arriya Kuiper
  45. Dana Andrew
  46. Lara Wall
  47. Levi Nelson, @prettyboy_dangerous/
  48. Susan Medville for the Pemberton Arts Council, @pembertonartsandculture
  49. Corinne Stoltz Orava for the Canadian Paragliding Nationals
  50. David Ward, @nn.kak.kutin
  51. Dr Nick Fisher and the team at Pemberton Medical Center
  52. Dawn Johnson, Stewardship Pemberton, for the Pemberton Crabapple Project
  53. Cathy Benns
  54. Molli Reynolds, the Pemberton Farmers market
  55. Sara Westerholm
  56. Dave Steers
  57. Matt Prescott and Angela Bradbury
  58. Casey Dick-Wyatt
  59. Jordan Sturdy
  60. Kat Weed
  61. Natalie Langmann
  62. Graham Murphy Construction
  63. Oliver Richman
  64. Kyle Peters
  65. Sam McKoy
  66. Sarinda Hoilett
  67. Swúw’a Patrick
  68. Brooke Carere
  69. Kat Ast
  70. Sammy Losee – January 1 2018
  71. Patty Bobb
  72. Dawn Hunter
  73. Geoff Barnett
  74. Ryan Scoular
  75. Lisa Graham-Knight
  76. Anastasia Chomlack


Every Friday during 2015, we featured a Pemberton/Mt Currie instagram account that we rate as worth a look at.

For the low-down list on who to follow, in order to be inspired, and see the world through the eyes of some of the people and organisations who make our neighbourhood great, here’s the list. Artists, trailbuilders, restaurants, athletes, businesses, regular folk… they’re all part of the picture.

Someone you recommend? Let us know. Email thewellnessalmanac@gmail.com with your tip.

We’ve also featured special guests from afar: