May is the month for a nation-wide Nature Challenge


We have another challenge we want to share with the community, (watch this space), but if you are highly challengeable (this is a pretty competitive-minded community), and think you can handle both, (hint: our challenge involves reading, and can definitely be done outdoors, so they’re not mutually exclusive), why not sign up for the David Suzuki Foundation 30×30 Nature Challenge. Commit to spending 30 minutes a day in nature, every day. Even if you think you get a lot of outside time, the simply act of noticing and tracking might bring your attention to ways you can inject more calm, green, or bike rides into your life. 🙂

This May, the David Suzuki Foundation is challenging you and people around the world to join the 30Ă—30 Challenge by spending 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 days. Our goal is simple: to reconnect human beings with nature for the sake of their health and mental well-being.


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