Tenquille Lake Tempations

I actually did some work while helping with the Pemberton Wildlife Association cleanup on the Tenquille Trail but there were many sights that caused me to pause and take pictures instead.
Distraction number one was a male Blue Grouse, whose loud “whoot whoot” beckoned from far away. He sat on a rock while we passed and gave us all something to talk about. One volunteer mentioned that he and his friends had tormented a newcomer to the woods with the idea that this booming noise was made by bears.
Calypso Orchids-otherwise known as Lady’s Slippers, Fairy Slippers or Hider of the North provided the next diversion.  It is a delight to catch sight of this deep pink colour in the predominantly green world of the forest.
A third disruption of the brushing task was caused by False Morels (or that’s what I think they might be.)  These homely bumps by the side of the trail proved even more entertaining when I read about them and their close relations in Mushrooms Demystified.  Words like sinister, gregarious, solitary, minutely velvety and solitary were not what I expected to find in a description of mushrooms.
Of course, there were many more possible distractions from the work but I noted them for later; besides, now that the trail has been cleared it will be that much easier to return for more photos.