We have a new guestagrammer on board. Tour Pemberton through the eyes of Kalmia Hockin

My name is Kalmia and I am passionately in love this town.

Screen shot 2016-03-02 at 9.32.14 PM

Am I ever going to get over how ridiculously beautiful Pemberton is?

I first moved here in December of 2012 and I each day I have loved it more and more deeply than the last. 

Screen shot 2016-03-02 at 9.32.33 PM

But life isn’t always smiling corgis and picturesque mountains. Some days are a little less glamorous and lot messier. With social media often only showing us the beautiful parts of life and adventure, it can sometimes like you’re stuck on a miserable island of anxiety and monotony. Lately, I’ve been practicing the art of stillness. Being appreciative of the small moments in my daily life: a quiet morning coffee with my book at the empty library before I start my shift, going for a hike with my loving partner and dog, a hot bubble bath and a cold beer, a great yoga class, the perfect coconut curry for dinner, listening to a record with a glass of wine–while it might not be quite as glamorous as traveling the world, life can be pretty great if you take the time to stop and appreciate it in its stillness. It might not always be beautiful, and it will probably have a few messy and panic stricken moments, but there’s usually a smiling corgi to help brighten the day in those low times- and that’s pretty alright too.

Screen shot 2016-03-02 at 9.32.59 PM

Take the ride. Kalmia is our guestagrammer all week at instagram.com/thewellnessalmanac. She’s following on from Amie Le Blanc and Victoria Saddleman and we’re frankly loving the whole Takeover 2016 Experiment. Drop a note if you’re interested in sharing your take: pembygrl@gmail.com.

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