Stewardship Pemberton rallies after repairing 2015 flood damage, with fundraiser set for March 12

They say sh*t happens. And sometimes it happens in the form of a composting toilet that overflows, after a random malfunction, costs you a ton of money to repair and future-proof, and requires that you replace all your floors, furniture, and lose use of your space in the busiest two months of the year.

The always-inspiring girls at Stewardship Pemberton rolled up their sleeves and dealt, last August, when they were dealt an unfortunate hand, and they’re so passionate about sustainable technologies and off-the-grid living that they don’t really want to get too gritty with the details.

But the fact is, this little episode set them back – the costs of the insurance claim and other costs wiped out the 2016 contingency fund.

If they want to restore salmon habit, send teachers on professional development opportunities, kit out the Nature Centre with great new books, or anything else, they will need to raise the money. (Again.)

So, they’re holding a fundraiser dinner at the Pemberton Legion on Saturday March 12th from 5:30 to 9pm.

They’ll have a silent auction, 50/50 cash prizes, a delicious dinner and entertainment.

The funds raised will help recover the costs incurred due to the flooding in the building.

Here’s how you can help!

  1. Donate a silent auction item – AMAZING!
  2. Help promote the event – they will provide you with posters
  3. Make a sign for the round-a-bout to fit the Village of Pemberton specs.
  4. Volunteer your adorable child that is great with numbers to help sell 50/50 – awesome!
  5. If you are a farmer and have local spuds or other local food we are graciously accepting donations. We are thinking beef and veggie burgers, roast potatoes and salads.
  6. If you have time to help with food prep, serving, greeting, and general help the evening of – you rock!
  7. If you are a social media guru and would like to help us spread the word that would also be great.

Please email to sign up!

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