Winter: a season for hibernation?

Is hibernation just for the bears?

For a lot of folk in this region, winter is not a time for hibernation, but a different kind of re-generation entirely. It’s a time for energetic output, for a near-frenzy of activity, the rush and swoop of moving up and down mountains, with gravity, our own kind of flight.

But when a poet-friend posted this on her facebook page, I was drawn to it, too.

So hibernation is a threefold time. It is a time for retreat and replenishment. It is a time for our wordless philosophy to finally be born. And it is a time for our hidden destiny to whisper in our heart, You’re not forgotten. I’m still here. We’re in this together.

Perhaps there is a balance to be struck.

Or perhaps, the best place to manifest our wordless philosophies is through movement, on skis or snowboards, out surfing the frozen out-breath of the earth.

hibernation from mary

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