Never eat a bitter cucumber again, once you discover this amazingly simple trick

Okay, that’s my first real attempt at writing a blatantly click-baity headline. Did it work?


Notwithstanding my flirtation with that little tactic of the interwebs, I am honestly amazed by this little kitchen hack that my crunchy colleague shared with me. Now I don’t have to peel every cucumber I eat, losing all the good nutrients in the process, to try and eliminate bitterness.

unexplainable-trick-removing-bitterness-from-cucumbers.w654 (2

I just slice off the end, rub it back and forth and around and around on the cucumber, until a white foam appears, and voila! It really works.

I’m inspired by these kinds of kitchen hacks because of the whole Know Food, Hate Waste movement, to try and reduce the amount of organics that end up in landfill.

Video via:

Cucumber image via Kurt Koontz.

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