Take this survey to tell the Village of Pemberton what One Mile Lake (and allowing free-range dogs there) means to you

Do you have ideas for how One Mile Lake Park could be improved?

It’s Pemberton’s most used park, most amazing amenity, and best welcome mat. What should take place there over the next 10 years? Where should the Village invest?

A public engagement survey is open to the public from October 23 to November 15, 2015, affording an opportunity to offer input into the development of the One Mile Master Plan.


What’s the One Mile Lake Master Plan Update all About?

The Village of Pemberton is re-initiating the update of the One Mile Lake Park Master Plan as a means to revise and improve upon the current plan, given that many of the directions contained in the 2005 Plan have been addressed. This Master Plan Update process was initiated in 2012; however, other commitments of the Development Services Department and eventual staff changes prevented the completion of the One Mile Lake Park Master Plan Update as anticipated.

In the spring of 2015, the Village of Pemberton Council highlighted the completion of the One Mile Lake Park Master Plan as a corporate priority. The One Mile Lake Park Master Plan will entail extensive public engagement and will be a tool for guiding the land use and opportunities/constraints of the park for the next 10 years in a manner that will contribute to an improved quality of experience for its users, as well as the protection of its overall environmental sustainability.

Please contact: Lisa Pedrini, Planner, lpedrini@pemberton.ca

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