Take off your blinkers and try two-eyed seeing, with this TEDx talk by Dr Evan Adams on Wellness

Most of us have more than just one identity.

I’ve heard this called having a hyphenated-identity, and that resonated for me, as someone who grew up in one country and then made my life in another.

Dr Evan Adams, an actor, physician, Salish man, and the Chief Medical Officer for the First Nations Health Authority, calls it “two-eyed seeing” in this terrific TEDx talk in Powell River on Wellness.

“It’s having your feet in two different places… Most of us are pluralistic. We’re more than just one identity. We don’t just want to be a good wife. We also want to be good at our work. We don’t just want to be beautiful, we want to be strong. We don’t just want to be creative, we want to be sincere. We don’t want to just be famous, we want to be known for having some skill.

So the idea of two-eyed seeing is about having a cultural focus that’s binary.

And the point of our lives, says Dr Adams, is “to do good things, to do the very best for ourselves and for others.”