Instagrammers of Pemberton features @SweetSkillsBC

Sylvie post powerscamper

Sylvie Allen is a mountain biker, coach and fitness trainer, with an unbelievable garden, and the kind of dietary restrictions (she’s a celiac), that make you the snack-envy of all your riding buddies.

syvlie's tahini energy squares

She’s agreed to share some of her recipes on the blog here over the coming months (YUMtastic), but today, let’s just take a peek at her perspective on life, through the lens of an iPhone.

riding through fields of alpine flowers

For stretching and fitness tips and general positive energy, check out @sweetskillsBC. Because what more credible wellness expert do you want, than someone who can do this:


One Mile in the pretty light

girl can garden

stretch anywhere and everywhere

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