Observed: Pacific Chorus Frog enjoying the recent rain

Look who I found in the creek, last week, behind my house!


Pacific Chorus Frog, thanks to a facebook identification request and response and double-check-verification-reassurance, (yes i do know what I’m talking about) from Leslie Anthony, (the man behind @pembyboa) and authenticated by Veronica Woodruff, who supplied the additional photos below… I present you the Pseudacris regilla, the Pacific chorus frog (née tree frog).


Pacific Chorus Frog. Photo by Veronica Woodruff.

The frogs were first heard in Pemberton this year in early March.

The colouring can change – brown and/or green. But they’re identifiable by the mask around the eyes, rugose (not smooth) skin, and the expanded tips of their digits – suction cups.


Pacific Chorus Frog. Photo by Veronica Woodruff.

Curious? Check this great post from Veronica Woodruff, singing the praises of the songful little frogger.

Hey there little fella. Happy to see you.