h’OMgrown Fest, June 5-7, is a reminder that wellness isn’t a DIY thing. Yay community.

h’OMgrown Fest is coming up. And here’s one reason to check it out:

Tanya di Valentino, founder: “I want people leaving with a feeling of self-empowerment, gain some tools to enhance the quality of their lives and for them to realise there’s an amazing community of people that will support them along the way.

Joanne Gerrard Young, The Healing Cuisine: “Festivals like this are amazing for the community because they help bring people of like mind together. Sometimes, when you embark on something new and start changing things like your diet or your lifestyle and the people around you are not of like mind, it can be really difficult and challenging. So having a festival like this, you can meet the people in your community who you have more things in common with.”


Watch the video right through. The aerials at the end of this amazing place we live will make your day.

h’OMgrown FEST 2014 from Eric McIntyre on Vimeo.