Nurture a wish of wellness

Mother’s Day. Have a happy one.

I’m not a Hallmark-type person. I’m not a fan of the flowers/brunch/big fuss for one day of the year. I’d rather someone made me coffee every single day, to help drag my rear out of bed. (Thanks Dave.) And scribble a random note of affection, or pay an unexpected compliment. And I’d rather we lived in a society that upheld the work of mothering and didn’t shame and guilt-trip women, and then put on a big show of being all pro-mother one day of the year. And I’d rather we remembered that some people long to be mothers, and it hasn’t manifested for them, that some people carry loss and sorrow with them, and no amount of flowers or new appliances can alleviate that.

But, I do think it’s important to celebrate. People. Moments. Anniversaries. Events.

And I do think it’s important to acknowledge the fierce importance of nurturing. Of creating. Of serving the Life Force. Whoever you are. However you do it.

So. Have a beautiful day.

Perhaps you can borrow one of these words from Danielle Laporte (author of The Desire Map – it’s at the library, a good #WellnessRead) and bestow it on someone who deserves a little bit of love and recognition. (Including yourself.)

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