#WellnessRead2015: The Alchemist

Janet Ouchterlony recommends The Alchemist.


Part adventure.  Part truth.  All heart.

This is my perspective of this simple yet soulful novel.

Written by Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist is now an international best seller, but like most significant accolades, this did not come easily nor did it happen over night.  This significance was earned by hard work, consistency, and persistency.

As a teen Coelho knew that he wanted to be a writer.  However, his relentless desire to follow the then “non-traditional” path of writing landed him a spot in a mental institution.

He managed to escape multiple times before later being released, and thankfully for us, during this time he never gave up on his dream.  The result, the gift of this book, which I don’t doubt has, and will inspire and ignite the spark of many people’s dreams in years to come.

This is the type of book that evokes memories, fosters conversation, and simply inspires you to want to be a better person.  It’s notions like “maktub”- It is written-  and that “to realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation” that really had me contemplating my own life’s journey.

It’s as much a fable as it is a reflection of life, and the thing I love about it, is that you can take as much or as little from it as you wish.  It is a book for where ever you are on this treasure hunt of life.

If you choose to pick it up and give it a read, please feel free to connect with me and share your thoughts.


9 thoughts on “#WellnessRead2015: The Alchemist

  1. Lisa Richardson says:

    Janet. great recommendation. I picked this up off the shelf after your recommendation and it was really delightful. Worth revisiting, I think. Thanks.

  2. JDunbar says:

    I just re-read this book a couple months ago then read it a 3rd time to my 11 year old son. Love this book! It was interesting to see what my son got out of it vs what I did. I think I’ll read it again next year…..and the year after that!

    • Lisa Richardson says:

      How old was he when you first read it to him? It’s cool to have those “ritual”/wisdom stories that you can return to, and think about the way they change as you change. Love it.

      • JDunbar says:

        Oops, bad grammar on my part….it was my first time reading to my son but my third time ever reading the book. My son kept talking about it for days afterward, especially the end. He couldn’t get over the ending – I think he’s still trying to wrap his mind around it! I’ll read it to him again in a year or so, that’s a great idea.

      • Lisa Richardson says:

        Reading to a not quite 2 year old has been an experience of having imagined conversations. It’s amazing to imagine actual conversations about really Big Ideas. I guess that’s what stories have always been for.

    • Janet Ouchterlony says:

      I know. It’s one you can read again and again and not have it lose its magic. Looking forward to reading in to my 8 and 11 year old sons later this year. Can’t wait to see what they pull from it.

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