WellnessReads2015 (Part II): How to Nominate a Book

If you want to nominate a book, email thewellnessalmanac@gmail.com with:

  • the name of the book,
  • your name,
  • and a few words about why it moved you, why you’d recommend it. (ie what did you tell your friend/boss/colleague/partner/kid when you pushed this book into their arms and said, you’ve got to read this.)
  • a book selfie. (No really! A selfie of yourself reading the book. Standing behind your recommendation!)

Here are a few things you might want to share in your post:

How did this book come across your lap?

Is it the kind of thing you normally read?

Tell us a bit about it in a couple of sentences? What’s it about? Who wrote it?

How did it “make you better”?

A favourite quote from it?

A take-away? Did it spill into real life?

Who would you like to recommend it to?


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