Wellness Reads: the kick-off

You can tell a lot about someone from the books they’ve read. And you can tell a lot about a community based on what’s trending on the library shelves. That’s why I was so fascinated to spy the Pemberton & District Public Library’s round-up of the most popular fiction and non-fiction books for 2014. Interesting pulse?

Watch for our new series of book write-ups and recommendations. Not exactly “reviews”, we’re asking Pemberton and District Library patrons, and all other readers, or anyone else with a recommendation to make, to nominate a great wellness read.

Be it cookbook, stories, memoir, self-help, travel, how-to, fitness, nature-oriented, parenting, fiction or poetry – anything can be a Wellness Read.

Wellness journeys are wide-ranging and varied and the books that awaken some mind-shift, growth in awareness, or boost in vitality, are worth passing around.

If you want to nominate a book, email thewellnessalmanac@gmail.com with the book, and a few words about why it moved you, why you’d recommend it. In what way did you feel more well (or more likely or motivated to be well) after reading it? Share a quote you liked from it. Snap a photo. Spread the love.

After all, the community that reads together has a lot of awesome conversations.

Top 14 Fiction -  2014 Top 14 Non-Fiction - 2014

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