#50DayWellnessChallenge – A Wellness State of Mind


The #50DayWellnessChallenge was an invitation made by the Winds of Change, to help mark a 50 day countdown to the Wellness Gathering, and invite people to delve into what wellness means for them. With the Gathering complete, the madness of the holiday season ahead, and the prospect of New Year’s resolutions around the corner, we wanted to hear how it went. Learnings? Take-aways? Run aways? Let’s keep wellness on the agenda! The invitation is out, to any of the #50DayWellnessChallenge participants, to let us know what it takes to inject a big fat dose of wellness into your life. Here’s one:


Initially I posted on my facebook everyday, then I started thinking that for someone who doesn’t post a lot about their daily busy-ness and business, that it was getting a little personal and if I were my friend, downright irritating…  Just because I was doing a #50daywellnesschallenge didn’t mean I had to bug everyone else about it. 🙂

I have found out that I am taking pretty good care of myself. I am managing to find balance in busy. I have been to massage, physio and had a completely awesome experience with Integrative Manual Therapy with Sandra McLaren. Now, in this time I have &*#@ up both my knees playing hockey. Until day 22 I was playing hockey twice a week and going to circuit class with Lindsay May and I won’t lie to ya, the physical is a large part of wellness for me. Since day 22 I have been in pain and hobbling around. I have been doing my best to remain positive, I have two legs that will work again one day, I have great friends who advocate on my behalf to get me in to see the knee people (yup – that’s you Joc Read), I have a great group of friends, I have a wonderful and supportive family and a husband who cooks, cleans, does laundry as well as takes care of the outdoor chores, the chickens, the driveway, the garden and all that.
In the big picture view – my life rocks.
I appreciate my children. They are so fabulous, the blow me away each and every day with how compassionate, aware and supportive they are of their family, their friends and most times – even of each other.
My challenge was to achieve balance. I think I am getting there. My life is nuts!!!!! It will continue to be nutty as I have two active young people in my house along with two active older (but not old) people. There’s soccer, basketball, hockey, politics, school, work, farm stuff, private practice stuff, parent’s advisory committee stuff, winds of change stuff, committee stuff, coaching stuff. And that’s not to mention the daily stuff like cooking, lunches, homework and all that!
The #50 day challenge has helped me focus on what I want and the great things that go on everyday all around me. I haven’t changed all that much actually – just how I look at things.
One thing per day gets looked at in a super thankful light, and then – like velcro – other things that happen in your day start to stick to that feeling. All of a sudden the big pile of laundry and floor that needs sweeping EVERY DAY due to the incredible shedding dog are just that – laundry that gets done and a floor that gets swept. But the hug I got, the three kisses, the quick conversations with friends, they all add up to way more than laundry.
I’m in a bit of pain right now, I won’t lie to ya. My back hurts due to not being able to straighten my leg, I walk funny. I’m wearing a brace on my L leg 24/7 for 6 weeks. My knees hurt.  AND, I go home to a warm house with people I love and eat food that we’ve grown. I come home to conversation with my 13 year old awesome person, my 10 year old bundle of energy and love and my BF/husband/cook/partner in crime. Seriously – I am well and life is pretty darn good.
(I also have electricity, access to clean water, a home and resources to buy food and access recreation – I inhabit a position of privilege and am aware of it)
So, what I am trying to focus on: could over shouldand over but, what I can chose to focus on over what I have no control over.