Searching for Emily Carr

In May 1933, the renowned artist Emily Carr left her home in Victoria for a month long expedition on the PGE Railway. Her objective: to take on a deliberate new artistic challenge – mountain scenery. After visiting with a niece in the Squamish Valley, Emily took the train north to Lillooet, and on the return trip stopped to explore and sketch at Seton Lake and Pemberton. This PGE railway journey was an important turning point in Emily Carr’s life and career. An outcome of the he journey was several remarkable paintings, including one of Pemberton Meadows on display today in the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Eric Andersen visited the Pemberton Museum as part of the 100th anniversary of the railway summer program and shared extracts from her journals and journey, starting with a stop at the Pemberton Hotel.

Dave Perfitt donates a print of Emily Carr's "Pemberton Meadows" to the Pemberton Library.

Dave Perfitt donates a print of Emily Carr’s “Pemberton Meadows” to the Pemberton Library.

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