Have Your Say: Friendship Trail Bridge survey

If you run, walk, ride or travel in, around or between Mt Currie and Pemberton, then the Friendship Trail is of interest to you.

The Friendship Trail is a safe, non-motorized trail proposed between Pemberton and Mt Currie, that will be part of the Sea to Sky Trail, and offer not only a tourism draw but be a commuter and recreational amenity connecting the residents who live in and around these two communities.

Now is the time to HAVE YOUR SAY! The Village of Pemberton is looking for input and comments on the Friendship Trail Bridge location. Take the easy online survey, here.

Some background information on why the Village is seeking input from the community:

The critical piece of the Friendship Trail is the multi-use bridge over the Lillooet River.

Grant funding was received for the bridge construction, provided that it:
•  Reduces Greenhouse Gases
•  Provides a safe, non-motorized route between Pemberton & Mount Currie
•  Encourages active transportation & promote physical activity

However, additional monies will need to be raised to make the Bridge Crossing a reality.

Friendship Trail funding

The Village of Pemberton wants input on the scope of the project – ie where to locate the bridge crossing, what its length and structure and cost will be, and whether it will be solely pedestrian or suitable for horses.

6 different options for the bridge location are explored in the survey boards that you can download here. Let the Village know your preferences and the pros and cons of the crossings proposed at:

Highway 99, North Arm, Clover Road, Fraser Connector, CN Rail or Pemberton Farm Road West.

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