Gardening: This Spring, Plant Something for the Bees


According to The Land Conservancy, there are 400 native bee species in B.C. and these little guys can pollinate entire crops, and in some ways are more effective than honey bees.

For simple ways to be bee-friendly, and to enhance pollinator habitat and populations visit the TLC’s Bringing Back the Bees page.

You could even join the TLC’s Sunflower Army, which involves registering your garden, planting sunflowers and logging your observations of any bee visitors you get on the TLC’s Sunflower Project Database.

And on that note, you might want to consider ordering your seeds from the West Coast Seeds Fundraising Catalogue, via the Pemberton Children’s Centre. This fundraiser will be running for the next two weeks, please contact Aime to order or stop by the daycare to pick up a copy of the catalogue.

The funds raised go towards paying the daycare’s expenses, from the mortgage to art supplies and everything in between. Your support helps keep the kids of Pemberton strong, smart and happy. AND it’s good for the bees!

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