Politics: One more reason to care who is elected for Chief and Council in Mount Currie

Care about politics because of politics?

Let me explain the thinking behind my #4 reason that the upcoming Mount Currie Band election for Chief and Council deserves your attention.

The Sea-to-Sky has benefited from very stable political leadership within the Lil’wat Nation over the last 10 years.

The community endorsed strategic plan has guided political decisions for over 8 years now.

That’s four Chief and Council elections!

It has provided consistency and direction.

You can see a copy of the current iteration of the Lil’wat Nation strategic plan on their website.


For the most part it has allowed the Council to focus on strategic objectives while the administration slowly builds its competence and capacity.

Politically, the Council has become more actively involved throughout the region.

Relations with Pemberton have become more informed, innovative and collaborative than ever before. Think:

  • recent initiatives in recreation and infrastructure planning;
  • Winds of Change;
  • Joint Council meetings;
  • public transit funding; etc.

The political protocol agreement with Squamish Nation has held together for over 10 years. It ensured that Lil’wat and Squamish managed their differences and worked to leverage their political and legal heft. It meant peace for the 2010 Winter Olympics and has led to greater integration in the Sea-to-Sky corridor.

This doesn’t mean that everything is rosy. Relations with Whistler Council have definitely chilled and look like they need a major intervention to be salvaged. At the other end of the territory, the In-SHUCK-ch Treaty continues to move towards a ratification vote. Lil’wat and In-SHUCK-ch share an area of land overlap as well as deep social and family relations. This situation has the potential to be a nasty, long drawn-out legal battle with real personal casualties. This issue in particular requires cool heads, creative thinking, and commitment to respecting the self-determination of both First Nations.

It is easy to see the implications that uninterested, short-sighted, or incompetent leaders could have for everyone. Political relationships that make for effective progress on difficult questions requires a stable, competent political leadership and that’s why you should care who is elected on March 9th.

One thought on “Politics: One more reason to care who is elected for Chief and Council in Mount Currie

  1. Cindy Filipenko says:

    Sheldon’s call to political awareness is a great reminder of citizens’ roles as we move towards a new Chief and Council for the Lil’wat and a New Mayor on the horizon for Pemberton. All governments in the Sea to Sky Corridor effect one another, particularly the three at the north end. It’s our responsibility to know the issues and elect governments that will address them in a progressive fashion. Our collective future depends on it.

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