Why should I care who is elected for Chief and Council in Mount Currie? Part 3

The economy. The environment.

I’ve talked about the heavy-hitting reasons that the March 9 Mount Currie elections will impact the entire region.

Chief and Council are elected by Mount Currie Band Members to be the political representation of the Lil’wat Nation. Their influence, both directly and indirectly, is far-ranging throughout the Sea-to-Sky region.

There are many reasons why you should care about the election in Mount Currie.

Here is the third reason: demographics.

The largest demographic segment of the population in Mount Currie is between the ages of 13 & 25.

To break the cycle of poverty that has been a constant feature of the reserve system since the Indian Act was enacted in 1876 it is necessary that this segment be given every opportunity to succeed.

In the last term Council made significant decisions to invest in this growing segment of the community:

  • 1 million dollars to sports fields in the community;
  • ¾ of a million dollars for a new youth centre;
  • and 1.25 million dollars to improve living standards by increasing housing density.

Add to this the on-going investments that Council makes in education (110 students in post-secondary programs plus trades training and of course the Ts’zil Learning Centre which offers courses from Capilano University to all area residents) to daycare (over 100 children cared for last year).

Without these long-term investments we are exacerbating the social inequality between our communities.

It is easy to see the implications that short-sighted, corrupt or incompetent leaders could have for everyone.

A young population needs support, services, and opportunity to fully realize their potential. This requires a stable, competent political system and leadership and that’s why you should care who is elected on March 9th.

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