Wellness Champion, the Pemberton & District Library

What do the following have in common?

  • Knitting group
  • Junior World Changer group
  • Art Classes
  • Babytime Storytime
  • Computer Classes
  • Writers Group
  • Toddler Storytime
  • Social Media Training
  • Movie Nights
  • Chess club
  • Seniors Meetings
  • Pre-school Storytime
  • Wellness Speaker Series

They all take place under one roof – free of charge to community members.

The Pemberton and District Library also hosts opportunities to discuss and learn and build a critical awareness of self and society we live in.  For example, they recently screened the film “Miss Representation” which takes a hard look at how women are portrayed in the media.  They also hosted three separate events during mental illness awareness week to engage people and break down barriers to understanding and acceptance.

They’re a lot more than just books.

The Pemberton and District Public Library is a hub for people of all ages, a refuge, a source of information and knowledge, and a place to connect with others.

They are driven by the values of the board and the staff.  Together they go above and beyond when it comes to Bringing People Together in the Spirit of Collaboration and Cooperation.  And that is what they were recognised for on Wednesday night at the 3rd Winds of Change Wellness Recognition Awards.

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