Wellness Champion, Henry McDermott

This year, the Winds of Change Wellness Awards recognises Henry McDermott for his work Strengthening Individuals or Community Resilience through the Provision of Community Services.

Henry has the very unique (and cool) distinction of doing puppet shows that share and teach children lessons about taking care of themselves, such as:

  • brushing their teeth,
  • washing their hands and
  • building relationships and self-esteem.

But that is not all he does.  He works with youth in the schools, in the Health Centre, and on the frontline.

He hosts the extremely popular youth night at the Mount Currie Health Centre providing a substance free and safe place for youth 13-25 years old to hang out with their peers.  He works with the youth in the Lil’wat territory, bringing education, healthy lifestyles and alternatives in both the day and evening.

This is the second year in a row he has has been nominated – which is amazing because he has only been working for Lil’wat for 3 years.  He is the Youth Outreach Counselor at Mount Currie Health Centre providing Addictions and Mental Health Counseling to all members of Lil’wat Nation.

In the words of a colleague:

He has experience that he shares, has a vision and is striving towards it while living, laughing and loving life.  Henry ‘Takes Care’!

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