Wellness Champion, Lindsay May

On Wednesday night, at the Ullus Community Complex, the Winds of Change hosted its 3rd Wellness Gathering, and recognised local wellness champions with the Wellness Recognition Awards.

The first category recognised was for Empowering Individuals and Communities to Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices.

Congratulations to Lindsay May, the recipient of this award.

You know her as a fitness trainer.  You see her giving classes in kickboxing; circuit training; step class.  You might have seen her motivate middle-aged adults to shake their booties at 5 am weekday mornings.  She is a fitness instructor but so much more.

In reality she is in the true sense of the word a “community developer”.  Someone who connects people of all abilities and gets them to tap into their own inner passion. She enjoys life and her smile and enthusiasm are infectious.

She works with seniors, with new moms, men and women.  She is also the co-chair of the local Recreation Advisory Group.

In her own words she has said that “being active and engaged in your community is critical to your health and critical to the health of the community.  My personal philosophy is that there are 4 facets of health and wellness:  Physical; emotional; mental; spiritual.  If we only focus on one then we are missing out on the chance to live to our full potential and live our greatest life.  Wellness is not just about losing 5 pounds but about creating balance and happiness in all facets of life.”


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