Enter the One Mile Dinner Photo Feast

The Winds of Change invites you to share a photo of your dinner to celebrate how much of it came from within a one mile radius (approximately) of your home!

Entry is simple.

1. Make a dinner featuring as many local ingredients as possible.

2. Take a photo.

3. Share the photo! Post it to facebook and tag it @WindsofChange, so our facebook page will be alerted! (You’ll have to “like” the page for the tag to register, but we’ve tried superhard to make the page likable, so hopefully that won’t hurt a bit.)  In your status update, you can identify some of the ingredients, where they came from, or even share the recipe (if it’s not a family secret…)  You can also email the photo to TheWellnessAlmanac@gmail.com.

The best five examples of a One Mile Dinner will be displayed at the Wellness Gathering October 25 at the Ullus Community Hall, where the cooks will receive (in addition to awe, acclaim and accolades) a delicious prize.

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