March, you havecome from thatsense of beingmany thingsto many people. To this entity. Breathingfire and lifein and outof transitionalchange; liketime & seasons. Artwork: cloudy-dragons Kúkwstum̓ckacw / Thank you for reading.


You’ve existed;immeasurably. In tandemwith the same airand the same watertrees feed off of. You're infinite;energy. Riding in tandemwith the same sunand the same moonin planetary orbit. Kúkwstum̓ckacw / Thank you for reading.

Waiting to Exhale

March sighs and stretches. Waiting to exhale. And paint the World with her bouquet of floral efflorescence. ☆ ☆ Spring has been queued and is in the yawn & stretch stage. Ready to paint our World with beautiful colours. Kúkwstum̓ckacw / Thank you for reading.


You, are not coming from nothing. You are coming up from  unforeseeable and contingent occurences. You are coming with years of pursued education and higher learning. You are coming back from a place of unapologetic loss and healing. You are coming with tears of strength and perseverance. You, are not coming from nowhere. ☆ ☆ … Continue reading POSSIBLITARIAN


Somewhere on the shelvesof this dusty ol bookstore. I'll one day, find those words; you read to me. The question therein lies. Am I in fact searching for words in a book ? Or the voice that hauntinglywalks through; my mind. Kúkwstum̓ckacw / Thank you for reading.


This cardboard boxis filled with very important people from our childhood. It houses the voices and magic of make believe worlds found in bedtime stories we heard night after night. From Tom Sawyer the mischievous hooky playing; wanna be pirate. To Huckleberry Finn's vagabond, heroes state of a carefree existence. And Peter Pan's devil-may-care infinite … Continue reading MOVING DAY