You, are not coming from nothing.

You are coming up from  unforeseeable and contingent occurences.

You are coming with years of pursued education and higher learning.

You are coming back from a place of unapologetic loss and healing.

You are coming with tears of strength and perseverance.

You, are not coming from nowhere.

Kúkwstum̓ckacw / Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “POSSIBLITARIAN

  1. Lisa Richardson says:

    This is so potent, I can’t even tell you how this refrain lands – you are not coming from nothing, you are not coming from nowhere. I’ve been following this writer of late, Sophie Strand, and she uses the word “deracinated” a lot – the idea of being pulled up from our root network (and made vulnerable, disconnected)… and it’s made me reflect a lot on how much we need to re-think of ourselves as connected to living bodies larger than our own bodies, but also including our own bodies – root networks, mycelial networks – of our own bodies, our own stories, our ancestors, more. You are not coming from nothing you are not coming from nowhere. Just beautiful. Thankyou Lois. Kukwstumckacw. Here’s to possibilitarians. xo

    • loisfay says:

      Thank you for that feedback – and yes we are rooted in so many ways on so many levels from culture to education to geography. And sometimes when we lose that due to unforseen circumstances we feel a disconnect. Recognizing those roots in this poem of self talk and starting over from “somewhere” when it feels like nowhere. Ps: i love reading other writers work, I’ll look for Sophie Strand. Taking notes.

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