Earth Day and other news from Stewardship Pemberton

Some great programming coming up from Stewardship Pemberton. Earth Day Garden Jam - April 22, Tuesday, 4pm-7pm, Pemberton Creek Community Garden. Plant the fenceline, move soil, renew your garden plot, and learn about lasagne gardening. Go Play Outside After School Club - April 23-June 25, Mondays and Wednesdays, 3pm-5pm, Grades K-5, $18 per session. Speaker Series … Continue reading Earth Day and other news from Stewardship Pemberton

Snakewatch: Swerve for Rubber Boas!

Snake-watcher, Dr Leslie Anthony, has been sighting lots of snakes in Pemberton this month. We repost this "heads-up" from his Instagram account (which is pretty cool.) The elusive, completely harmless but preternaturally beautiful rubber boa is emerging from winter dens. These ancient creatures live 50+ years but only have a few babies—much like turtles—so killing … Continue reading Snakewatch: Swerve for Rubber Boas!