Q+A – Meet Wellness Worker, NNADAP Counsellor Juanita Jacob

Our Wellness Worker Q+A is a new series of profiles of frontline service workers in our region, who are dedicated to wellness.

My Name is Juanita Jacob; my title is NNADAP counsellor of the Mount Currie Health Centre.

I assist those who are struggling with Alcohol & Drugs in their life. I counsel one to one; which means that I listen to them describe what they are going through in life with the intrusion and inclusion of alcohol and drugs.

People will usually make their own appointments; at their own discretion, when life is “falling apart” or when directed by an outside source that also affected their life. Where I  come in is when they have lost or losing control of what is happening in their life, due to actions and vocalization of thoughts; brought on by alcohol & or drugs they have consumed in which ever form they have chose.

When life is going well, life is working in their favour; people can think clear, make decisions and are generally happier. They control their own lives and have no real necessity of another voice of guidance. However, and whatever shape they do come to my door; I do my best to listen and offer openness of reflection of their own beliefs of self and life in general.

I share the knowledge that any form or type of wellness in life is first just breathing, then thinking and all this takes energy; no matter what one does it takes up energy to be alive. Movement and action, the cause and effect; all actions done by one person takes effect on other people who are involved in their life, sometimes this has to be voiced in order for change to begin. As alcohol and drugs enter the life of one person, the change is fractured into segments of other people’s lives. The individual has various forms of family relations, friends, co-workers because one life is surrounded by others, by choice or with very little or no choice. So I always bring to their awareness that even though one can feel alone, they are not.

In my personal belief, I always say “thank-you” to my creator as I am washing my face, first thing in the morning and praying for a good day. I believe in being as positive as possible; start out with acknowledgement and maintain what I have.

I believe we are all as alike as we can be, our body is structured the same, the brain works the same; it’s how we as individuals create our personality within this human form. That is unique to us alone is personality; so this is who I am, Juanita Jacob from Xaxli’p, stl’atl’imx I am doing my best to be true to who I am; I work at Mount Currie Health Centre; please feel free to come see me, drop in or make an appointment.

Thanks to Cedric Jones, NNADAP Counsellor and Winds of Change Steering Committee member, for profiling his colleague for this series.

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