Subscriber secrets: how to stay in the loop with community news

I was in a roundtable meeting last month where community culture providers wondered how to best let people know about the great programs and initiatives they have running… Social media has effectively collapsed broad community into narrow little silos and filter bubbles

(argue if you want, but I’ll just refer you back to Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin, my big guns on the matter. File under : technologies that have not been unleashed responsibly)

…so it is probable that you only hear about the same things, over and over.

One remedy for this is to invite a few more folks into your inbox.

In order to power the Wellness Almanac with as much good local happenings and helpfulness as possible, I have done this, and I’m going to share the secret sauce.

If you aren’t already following these local groups, here’s a newsletter subscription list that will help you stay in the loop (without having to go on the Pemberton Community Facebook page, which may or may not contribute to several lost hours of your life and wild oscillations on your blood pressure, depending). You don’t even have to be a member of these organizations but maybe following along will convince you of some good places to drop a few dollars to support local awesomeness.

Who else? Who else is putting out a newsletter? I’ll update this list, so y’all are in the know.

Two other helpful newsletters to sign up for are the Emergency Alerts from the Village of Pemberton and SLRD.

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