It’s Earth month and Stewardship Pemberton have 30 days of delight dropping for you

Every day this month (Earth month, don’t you know) Stewardship Pemberton’s Climate Action Coordinator is dropping delicious little invitations over at their instagram account, to provide pathways for improving your personal health and planetary health at the same time. (They are aligned. Over the long term. Which makes perfect sense when you remember we are just little microcosms of the planet’s macrocosm… and everything that sustains us, originates as some facet of the Earth. Tomorrow’s well-being depends on the health of the planet today.)

There’s such a wide range of possibilities for loving and stewarding your home more carefully, that it doesn’t really matter if there are some that feel like a hard no. (For example, I experience strenuous resistance at the idea of reconsidering my shower time. Just, no. Not this week, But I offer my service to the Earth in other ways… I don’t eat meat, I don’t commute for work, I haven’t flown in a plane for 4 years…) What does really resonate for me is making mandalas as a way of slowing down and feeling into my heart connection and learning an indigenous place name. But you do you. That is the deliciousness of considering earth-love for 30 days… there’s a huge range of ways we can bring our abilities and strengths, to co-create a beautiful life that serves all life, not just one or two people. Let’s celebrate the gifts we each bring, the things we are doing.

Did you know that on Ucwalmícwts, the Líl̓wat language, Nkwúkewm’a means “upstream.” It is also a name for the location called Pemberton in the unceded territory of the Líl̓wat Nation.
For pronunciation, go to at̕át̕imc/Lil’wat/L%C3%ADl̓wat/learn/words/fbc6faab-a69a-49c1-8853-e5f31d7aa3fb

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