Lend your name to the BC Greens petition urging more action on regional transit

I don’t think there’s a single person in this community who isn’t aware of the disappointing condition of regional transit.

But, it seems that the decision makers who actually have the power to do something about it, somehow aren’t aware. Or don’t care.

I appreciate the initiative of the BC Greens to take up this topic. Here’s a petition they are circulating. Lend your name to it. We might as well.

It’s 2023, and it’s time for Regional Transit in the Sea to Sky corridor!

Regional transit from Mt. Currie to Vancouver has been a dream for decades, and has been in the Province’s court since at least 2015. All the Sea to Sky local governments are aligned. We don’t need to go through another provincial election campaign where every candidate promises regional transit, but can’t deliver due to the provincial government’s hesitating. Local governments don’t have the tools to fund regional transit, and shouldn’t have to do it from property taxes.

It’s time to again apply public pressure to the provincial NDP government. Regional transit is a slam dunk on several levels: climate action, affordability and equity, and easing traffic congestion. Sea to Sky drivers are already paying a similar gas price to the Lower Mainland, with the extra 18 cents per litre going to oil company profits, instead of transit as it does in Metro Vancouver.

This government has a clear mandate from Sea to Sky voters, and need to be reminded that it is well past time for safe, reliable and convenient public transportation in our corridor. 

Sign our petition then send an email to Minister of Transportation Rob Fleming, Minister of Municipal Affairs Anne Kang, Premier David Eby and MP Patrick Weiler by clicking the button at https://www.bcgreens.ca/s2s_regional_transit

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