An after-hours pop-up kitchen-table meet-up invites your playfulness, imagination and community passion out to play

The Whistler Pemberton Literacy Partnership is hosting an after-hours pop-up kitchen table meet-up, at Stay Wild Natural Health, tonight, 6:30 – 8:30pm. 

It’s a low-key friendly chance to engage in the Village of Pemberton’s official community planning process, and go through the kitchen table engagement package, with the people you are making community with.

Jill Dawson, an expressive arts facilitator, will lead the group through the session, and use an arts lens to help us drop into a more playful and imaginative space.

This has been put together with the hope of appealing to those of us who wouldn’t necessarily come to a Council meeting, or who prefer to express ourselves through art, movement, yoga, cooking, bike-riding, gardening, growing, in a mother tongue other than English, or a host of other means. 

We will serve you some yummy healthy snacks and drinks, AND have some Village Yoga passes to give away! (Incentive!!!!)

The Whistler Pemberton Literacy Partnership is supporting this pop-up, because “literacy” is about having the tools you need to have agency in your life. It includes being able to read and navigate the world of books and forms and sums and tech, AND it includes understanding when and how to engage and advocate for yourself, your dreams and your community. AND it includes being supported in those endeavours.

RSVP (so we have a loose sense of who will show up) at (or just come. We’ll be happy to see you, either way.)

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