You, me and a friendly sleeping volcano, makes a community. SFU invites you to share how much you know about volcanoes in quick survey, before March 31

Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Natural Hazards Research (CNHR) is conducting a… (sound the trumpets….)


Wildfires, landslides and floods are natural hazards that Canadians often see or hear about on the news. How about volcanoes?

In cooperation with the Geological Survey of Canada, CNHR is conducting an online, 12 to 15-minute survey to gain a better understanding of Canadians’ awareness, knowledge, concerns, and needs regarding volcanic hazards. The results of the survey will offer important insight for designing future volcano risk reduction policies and programs in Canada.

This is of relevance to us here because… we live in a volcano belt, in the shadow of a sleeping volcano. (You’ll get points for knowing that.)

You can help the hazard researchers who study volcanoes to study us, and give them a sense of what might improve our hazard preparation and responsiveness.

You could win a $20 gift card from Amazon, as thanks for participating. (Maybe you’ll splurge on a book about volcanoes.)

The nice thing about the survey is that they’re trying to gauge what we don’t know, so ask you not to do any online searching or Googling to get a better grade… How about that? A quiz that encourages you to show off how much you don’t know. Finally, something I can excel at.

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