Do you hibernate in the winter? Or do you “bromate?”

So, it seems the rubber boa takes a winter bromance to the next level, and denning down with its peers is actually not called hibernating, but bromating. This wonderful tip comes thanks to Stewardship Pemberton Society’s new snack-sized newsletter, the Green Bulletin. (Also it’s not just for snake dudes. It’s a gender-inclusive term, that applies to cold-blooded critters.)

Another wonderful nudge I got from reading the Green Bulletin is that decluttering my inbox, my hard drive and my desktop is not actually a nice-to-do for my own personal sanity/work hygiene – it’s actually a positive environmental contribution – right up there with volunteering at trails day, eating less meat, learning Ucwalmictws and singing praise songs to the trees and rivers.

How mind-blowing to realize that every unneeded thing that I have stored on my computer, clogging up the RAM, and slowing down all the processes, is also burning up unnecessary electricity and carbon… Not to mention all those server farms that go by the inaccurate moniker “the Cloud” but should really be called “Sprawling Energy Hogs in Suburbia Where You Outsource Your Inability to Delete and Declutter And Try And Stave Off Your Inevitable Death and Disappearance from the Historic Record.”

Go on a deleting binge. You will feel lighter. AND you will reduce your footprint.

I love when the wins are mutual.

Hope to see you at Green Drinks at Town Square on Monday, February 13, at 6:30pm to debate on this, or otherwise get psyched on how many other like-minded folk there are in the ‘hood.

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