A meditation break

I was sent a couple of meditation tracks over the last week – from teachers I love and friends I admire, and weirdly, playing them feels like work. Like an investment in being the best version of myself. Another act of self-improvement. Funny little pathologies, hey. And then, this. And I thought, hmm, meditation and personal growth can be pleasurable! Let’s orient towards that as we shelter from the storms of cold fronts and impending pineapples and flight cancellations and holiday hopes… Just take three and a half minutes to trip out on this amazing video and song, and trust that there is so much supporting life and your thriving, that you can’t even see, but can count on, and then continue about the business of your day.

(Thanks to the All We Can Save project for this. Hit subscribe. They’re just lovely https://mailchi.mp/allwecansave.earth/march-update-10303929?e=007ab1f630)

One thought on “A meditation break

  1. finafunk says:

    Thanks Lisa

    Also really loved your and Natalie’s description of Earth’s annual breath – makes so much sense to me

    Thank you

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