Waste less food, save more space and money

In 2020, the SLRD conducted a Waste Composition Audit at the Pemberton Transfer Station, the Lillooet Landfill & Recycle Centre, as well as the waste collected curbside in Britannia Beach and Furry Creek. To put it simply, a hired crew sorted trash from these communities to get a better understanding of what is being sent to the landfill.

Here’s what Pemberton’s trash looked like:

Reducing our food waste in an excellent way to reduce landfill waste.

And, with inflation pushing your grocery bills up and up and up, it’s also impactful on your pocket. Here are the SLRD’s suggestions on how to reduce food waste (ie stop paying for stuff you don’t use and end up tossing):

Follow https://www.facebook.com/ZEROinonWASTESLRD for more tips, including this insight for Plastic Free July to ditch the single-use bagged and wrapped tea-bags, and start to brew looseleaf by the pot.

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