Local photographer joins literary line-up on stage at Maury Young Arts Centre, Thursday, tix $25

Just up the way, our friends at the Whistler Writers Festival are hosting a summer stories and songs evening, at Maury Young Arts Centre this Thursday, 7-9 pm.

Local pro skier and photographer Chad Sayers will share the stage with CBC storyteller Grant Lawrence, National Poet Laureate Louise B. Halfe – Sky Dancer, and award-winning novelist Jasmine Sealy, woven together with songs by the spectacular Clinton bluegrass band Dustin Bentall and the Blue Wranglers

👉 Tickets in-person: $25, Virtual: $10 | whistlerwritersfest.com

The Writers Festival is also hosting a creative workshop that you can attend virtually or unperson, on Saturday.

Elevated Awareness – Engaging Creativity Through Mindfulness with Nicola Bentley

Saturday June 18, 2022, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. |  In-person at Whistler Public Library or online

For writers and readers spring offers budding ideas, new insights, and a fresh energy to creating or enjoying a new world on the page. Honing the ability to observe, to clear away mental distractions and to connect with our own inner wisdom is the fuel that informs creativity and enriches our lives. In this workshop we’ll tap into mindful awareness as a tool to elevate consciousness and attention. Come prepared to observe, listen, meditate, write, read, and discover. 

Tickets in-person: $20, Virtual: $10 | whistlerwritersfest.com

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