Active Hope Climate Squad launches next week

Last summer, I joined a group of random strangers, from all around the world, to meet up via zoom, and support each other as accountability buddies, going through a free online foundations training in Active Hope. 

The course content required about an hour a week and, in combination with weekly meetings with my Active Hope buddies in New Zealand, Portugal, Germany, Scotland, and England/The Netherlands, (that required me to log in at 5am PST), was incredibly resourcing during a time when the IPCC was dropping its first report, COVID was very much at large, and the world seemed to be on a collision course with self-destruction. 

The group, and the feeling of fellowship the process engendered, has become so dear that several of us still connect every week. 

Now, thanks to the support of Stewardship Pemberton, The Society of Trees, and the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation, the Wellness Almanac is collaborating to host an 8 week long social club, The Active Hope Climate Squad, kicking off on Monday April 25, with a free guided forest bathing experience, led by Monica Sander Burns of the Society of Trees. We’ll meet Monday evenings at the One Mile Lake Nature Centre until June 13 with the idea that when facing any kind of crisis, but especially a planetary one, it’s best not to go it alone. 

What magic might we be able to call forth, by coming together, finding kindreds, learning some time-tested techniques in resilience and grounding it all in the forest?

Drop a note if you’re curious to be part of it, or if the timing doesn’t serve right now, as given enough interest, a fall group might run.

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