A weekend full of goodness for Earth Day

You know how the trend for weddings these days is to really turn them into a weekend-long celebration… (at least, this was true pre-COVID, and during COVID, I think the trend was to postpone postpone postpone or elope and share fantastic photos…, but you know what I’m talking about, right?)…

Well, Earth Day is Friday, 22 April. And I’m thinking, given that there are so many amazing opportunities to feel your Earth-loving vibes this weekend, why not make an entire weekend of it?

(Of course, that could spill over and into the entire year, and we could just get a little out of control and start making the Earth the centre of everything we do…. One can hope.)

Art by Oliver Jeffers. https://www.oliverjeffers.com/every-day-is-earth-day

Buckle up. Here’s the list of all that you’re invited to be part of this weekend.

Friday, April 22 : Call in sick

It begins with Earth Day on Friday.

Earth Day Canada suggests that you call in sick on Friday, to tend to your eco-anxiety (and I have to tell you, I’m seriously considering it, and also wondering why, if I’m actually my own boss, I’m finding even that difficult. Holy capitalism, you have done a number on me.)

“With everything that’s happening in the world, the war in Ukraine, COVID, and the climate crisis, there’s a collective feeling of dread looming. We need to act. The planet needs us to be in good shape. That is why, with this year’s campaign, we are inviting Canadians to equip themselves with the tools they need to heal collectively and to feel empowered : we are offering them the chance to take care of themselves and each other by rallying around positive collective action for the planet. Canadians are invited to visit remedytogether.org to find out more about what they can do on April 22nd.”

Thomas Mulcair, Chairman of the Board, Earth Day Canada

Saturday April 23, Eco Fair – Seedy Saturday and Sports Gear Swap

The Earth loving focus continues with an Eco Fair, presented by Prime Vision and the SLRD’s Zero in on Waste, at the Downtown Community Barn on Saturday.

Bring packets of seeds you’d like to make available for other gardeners, and also to return to the Seed Library. Go through your garage and clear out outgrown and underused spots equipment. (Bring your own table, set up a blanket, lay out your goods – it’s a trunk sale kinda vibe.) (And sports gear swappers must pack out what you pack in.) Bring a donation for the food bank or a cash contribution for Zero Ceiling, so the love can spread far and wide. Bring your own mug and hang out and socialize, and help build momentum for a more circular economy, where good things keep moving around and around, and nothing ends up in the landfill. (Because, this lovely planet is too good to waste.)

Sunday April 24: Pitch In clean up at One Mile Lake, AND forest therapy taster and kids’ craft and story time

On Sunday, Stewardship Pemberton hosts a Pitch In session, and a free forest therapy taster, (and you can even drop off the kids for storytelling and crafts while you go and commune with the trees.)

They’ve just made their first foray onto instagram, so to help them grow, we’ve invited them to be our guestagrammers this week.

Let them know you’re coming for the Day by registering at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/earth-day-event-tickets-318572126807?fbclid=IwAR2mrCN0zlKFo-mwk7IXAGmafFH5F-cG9ff-mGHPqbuy2-tT6BwASuatGBU

There will be limited spots for the forest therapy taster, so do reserve your space at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/forest-therapy-session-with-the-society-of-trees-tickets-318567553127?fbclid=IwAR08pD54MaMAF2EoY9UsMb54DyfeT9uca9guViCloBaOqkbdNlul8_eIuDA

Free children’s activity will be provided at the One Mile Lake Nature Centre for kiddos 3 years and up, from 12:30 – 2, with stories and crafts (to support those forest bathers), so nab a spot at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/earth-day-event-childrens-storytelling-and-eco-craft-session-tickets-321512060227?fbclid=IwAR275jXY8gf50_bR_T1EMs0W56MBY436R7kYQi1fagAOfHjj7Y6J5rTNdGM

Pitch In Week, 17 April – 23 April

Of course, Pitch In Week is happening all week, from 17 – 23 April, so grab some gloves and a garbage bag and let’s pick up the trash that’s in the ditches and creeks. (And to whoever it was that drove all the way from KFC, to dump the empty chicken bucket out their car window into the ditch front of my house, I’m honestly confused. I mean, why there? Why couldn’t you just hold onto it until you got home? Or made it to somewhere with a trash can? It had clearly been able to be accommodated for at least 100 km in your vehicle… If it’s yours, I’d be happy to return it to you. Or to send you some of my random garbage, as a trade?)

Follow the SLRD’s Zero in on Waste facebook page for all kinds of wonderful tips on how to honour our lovely planet.

Monday April 25: Kick off gathering for the Active Hope Climate Squad

And THEN, (PHEW), on Monday April 25, we’re launching our Active Hope Climate Squad, a support group for a small gang of keeners, who want to work through the free online activehope.training over the course of 8 weeks, and build a squad, emotional resilience and a framework for navigating the critical times we’re in.

It has been said that the best remedy for despair and worry is movement – move into action, move into connection and community. Small steps are just right. Steadily moving towards the world we want to inhabit. So take a scroll through all the offerings for the Earth this weekend and pick just one…

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