The Chamber’s LOVE Pemberton Buy Local campaign busts out beautiful portraits of local business folk, starting with Clemens Machilek at Ars Lignea

The first phase of the Pemberton and District Chamber of Commerce’s Love Pemberton, Buy Local campaign was really a reminder about the power you have, as a shopper, to support and shape the place you live in. Every dollar you spend weaves you into connection, and helps grow a more resilient local ecosystem. It matters and it makes a difference.

Their latest offerings celebrate some of the people who make this town what it is – unique, not cookie-cutter, flavoursome.

Earlier in March, we were introduced to Clem.

Ars Lignea, under Clemens Machilek has been in operation since 2001.

Clem finished his Cabinetmaker apprenticeship in Bamberg, Germany in 1991.

He would spend the 90’s in Germany and Austria, split between the idea of being a trades guy and dreaming about a career in wildwater kayaking. In the end he chose the trades, and immigrated to Canada in 2000, moving to Whistler soon after. 

A fellow German cabinet maker helped him kickstart his business, as he was ready to retire and sold Clem many of his machines and let him take over his space in the Old Mill. A client list and connections came along with the deal, which opened the doors into the Sea to Sky trade scene. The Olympics were a particularly great opportunity for Clem, as they really allowed his business to grow from a startup to where it is today. 

For the past year, Clem has been working on a private residence on Alta Lake, Whistler. The project has lots of neat and classy details, but most importantly, a client with an appreciation for the finer things in life.

Fun fact? Clem always takes the road less traveled and packs a headlamp. 

📷: @anastasiachomlack

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