PORCA’s 30 x 30 Mountain Bike Challenge returns this April

Dust off the cobwebs, if you’re like me, or continue to prove your superhuman-ness widely, if you’re you. PORCA’s 30×30 Mountain Bike Challenge makes everyone a winner – no matter how old you are… because movement is the medicine, and any time you spend spinning is good time. But sometimes we need an incentive… and here it is!


Need some incentive to get back in the saddle?
Training for the Pemby Fifty?
Want to bike to work or school more consistently?
Want to win awesome prizes?

PORCA is excited to invite you to participate in a 30 x 30 bike challenge from April 1st – 30th, 2022. 

People of all ages, experience, and ability levels are welcome. All you need is something to pedal and a bit of persistence.
Bike (virtually) with other people and win some sweet prizes!

Registration is FREE with a PORCA membership! Follow the event on Facebook for immediate updates. 

*Are you a business that would like to donate a prize? You will be featured on PORCA’s social media in the daily/weekly winner posts and listed on the event page as a sponsor. Please contact info@porcabikes.com

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