Take a spa break, wherever you are, thanks to a meditation offering from Scandinave Spa featuring Susan Reifer

One of the many things I love about Susan Reifer’s meditation classes (yes, I’m still going on about them… can I convince you to try them?! the next one is March 9, click here to sign up) is her chime that she starts and ends a practice with. It’s such a sweet and cheerful sound, and it’s come to signal something special to me – a reprieve from all the busyness of my life, my home, my mind – a chance to step out for just a while and let myself be breathed, be guided, be settled.

(Just watch the video until 0:09, the 9 second mark, and you’ll hear it!)

Last year, Susan recorded a ten-minute guided meditation for the Scandinave Spa in Whistler, as part of their four-part Scandinave At Home series (that also included a sound bath, a yoga session and a functional strength training session.)

The guided meditation was crafted with the intention of reducing tension, calming the mind and nurturing overall well-being.

Designed for all levels of experience, this session centers on coming to rest in kind presence with yourself. Grounded in science-backed methods, the meditation pairs touch and breath with kindness and self-empathy.

Gift yourself 10 minutes of ease… see how it feels.

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