Lift up small business stars! Vote for Amawilc for the 2022 Small Business BC Impact award

“It takes a community to support and uplift a small business. It also takes a community to win a Small Business BC Award,” says the Small Business BC award page, and your vote can make all the difference to your favourite entrepreneur. “It shows how much the business means to you, and could propel them to winning a prestigious Small Business BC Award.”

I happily voted for Tanina Williams’ Amawilc for the Business Impact Award — cast your vote at the link because, quite frankly, Tanina is a friend, but also, specifically, because the work she does, in our schools throughout the corridor, and as a consultant, is so generous-hearted, wise, enriching and community building.

Navigating racism and reconciliation in these troubled times is not easy. It’s not easy for white-bodied folks to begin to unlearn and make reparation, without continuing to do harm – through our bumbling, or our defensiveness, or our blind spots, or our neediness. When you find someone willing to help provide counsel and guidance, it is such a gift.

Tanina has done so much personal work, alongside her paid work, to grow the capacity to walk us towards reconciliation, and I have been able to benefit personally from that – from her work with the students at Signal Hill Elementary (and throughout the Sea to Sky corridor), to her work leading a Sharing Circle over 5 weeks for the Wellness Almanac in partnership with the Pemberton and District Library. It is such a gift to have a safe place to take your hard questions – when you’re learning or unlearning – and Tanina is the most generous and plain-speaking educator and guide.

It would be wonderful to see her work recognized as an entrepreneur and small businessperson.

You can vote until February 28th.

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