Free Natural Wellness workshop on Fatigue, Monday Feb 7 at 7pm

Fatigue is one of the feelings that our body uses to communicate with us when something is wrong.  When we find that we are fighting fatigue for much of the day, it is time to stop and see what your body needs.  From sleep quality, hormonal regulation, anxiety and depression, micronutrient deficiency, digestive issues, inflammation and pathogens Dr. Jill Scott ND will discuss some common reasons why we feel fatigued and how to help find more energy.

This is the second in a monthly series on Wellness, brought to you by the Library, approaching different health topics, like anxiety, fatigue, immunity and hormones from a naturopathic perspective.

Presenter Dr. Jill Scott ND has recently joined Connections Wellness Studio in Pemberton. She has been a naturopathic doctor since 2003 and has been practicing for the past 17 years in the Lower Mainland.

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